More than 300,000 DamonPS2 users

To bring everyone a good news! ! ! As DamonPS2 users will be more than 300,000, in order to celebrate this great victory. We will launch both the paid and free version of DamonPS2 in less than a month. So that everyone can play for free PS2 emulator on Android phones!!!!

The future, we will have more features improvements, including improved read-write memory card function (used to save \ load games).And less BUG. And Japanese version, Korean version, Spanish version, Portuguese version!

Some recent comments about DamonPS2 include some saying that DamonPS2’s source code comes from other PS2 simulators. We solemnly declare. We have 100% copyright to the source code of DamonPS2, and our legitimacy has been officially certified by Google Play!

Google Play has officially denied DMCA requests for DamonPS2 from other developers (including developers such as PCSX2) via email. After DamonPS2’s development team submitted a copyright certificate issued by the Chinese government to Google Play, Google endorsed the legitimacy of the legal document and the legitimacy of the DamonPS2 APP, and as a result, Google rejected its DMCA requests from other developers. You know, China not only Alibaba and Tencent the world’s top Internet companies, as well as the world’s top and fastest PS2 emulator, DamonPS2 !!!!!!

DamonPS2 is now removed by Google because Google Play’s page description is not legal, not due to a problem with the legitimacy of the DamonPS2 app. We referenced some PS2 game titles on the Google Play page. The copyright owner of these game titles considers us infringing. So, next time we release DamonPS2 to Google Play, we’ll correct this error.

On Android, DamonPS2 is the world’s fastest PS2 emulator, 10x ~ 30x faster than other Android-based PS2 emulators. In the future, we will also improve the performance of DamonPS2 2x ~ 10x! ! !

Our slogan is: “user first”! Free version coming soon !!!!!!!!!

damonps2 pro

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