Fifth Edition Upgrade (Professional Edition) + Free Edition, countdown 48 hours

Professional version of the upgrade will be pushed within 48 hours, the fifth update is as follows: Perfect game, compatibility increased from 15% to 25% (requires the user to manually adjust the following two new options to improve compatibility) Fixed polygons splicing BUG during gameplay. Added new features to adjust VU simulation accuracy. By modifying this option, you can reduce the “po... »

Changes for DamonPS2 four update

We have updated the Google Play page:… . The Fourth Update including: * Fixed bugs that occurred while loading game process in the emulator pause UI.(New game progress format). * Fixed built-in game save function. (New format PS2 memory card). * Fixed bug where the screen did not automatically always light. * The new UI that is game pauses interface. * Par... »

DamonPS2 and the end of PCSX2 controversial

Within 18 hours, DamonPS2 will be shown again on Google Play. Users who have already purchased APP will get free upgrade. Hopefully, because of the fact that Damon PS2 will return this time, we can end the naive controversy initiated by PCSX2. During this time, PCXS2 development team always said, “DamonPS2 must be open source, otherwise it will xxxx.” How ridiculous it is. Microsoft wi... »

DamonPS2 paid version will be back to Google Play in 72 hours !!!!!!

DamonPS2 paid version will be back online, countdown 72 hours !!!!!! Use this image to respond to guys who do not want to see DamonPS2 re-online. Ha ha ha!!! »

The paid version of DamonPS2 will soon be resumed on Google Play

The paid version of DamonPS2 will soon be resumed on Google Play(Within a week, and previously purchased users do not need to buy again), and the free version (ad version) will be newly added to Google Play before the 15th of next month. . About DamonPS2 and PCSX2 this hot news, I still do not understand why PCSX2 Team still persisted in his opinion that we copy PCSX2 source code, when they have n... »

DamonPS2 does not include any source code for PCSX2

Many ask, is there a Gameindex file(or other file from PCSX2) in our APK package? Do you make a lot of money greedy? Do you have a copy of PCSX2 code? Below, we will answer one by one. . First, although DamonPS2 does not include any source code for PCSX2, however, in the old version, you can see that the def file does exist, but in the last version, we’ve deleted these controversial files. .... »

DamonPS2 next update would release both free and paid versions

Yesterday, we made a statement on our facebook. The DamonPS2 team decided that the next update would release both free and paid versions. Because we receive more than 300 e-mails per day, we add more than 10,000 new users per day and total more than 300,000 users. Although only 1% of paying users. In the face of huge enthusiasm players, we chose to allow more players to share our happiness. . Howe... »

More than 300,000 DamonPS2 users

To bring everyone a good news! ! ! As DamonPS2 users will be more than 300,000, in order to celebrate this great victory. We will launch both the paid and free version of DamonPS2 in less than a month. So that everyone can play for free PS2 emulator on Android phones!!!! The future, we will have more features improvements, including improved read-write memory card function (used to save \ load gam... »

DamonPS2 banned from Google Play

Since DamonPS2’s page description on Google Play violates Google’s specifications, we received a Google mail notification asking us to modify the DamonPS2 Google Play page description. So, at the moment DamonPS2 is not visible on Google Play. We will work with Google’s needs to modify the DamonPS2 Google Play page. After the page description reaches the Google standard, we will r... »

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