Changes for DamonPS2 four update

We have updated the Google Play page:…
The Fourth Update including:
* Fixed bugs that occurred while loading game process in the emulator pause UI.(New game progress format).
* Fixed built-in game save function. (New format PS2 memory card).
* Fixed bug where the screen did not automatically always light.
* The new UI that is game pauses interface.
* Part of the game’s frame rate increased by 2 to 3%.
Thanks everyone for waiting 30 days (the last update is Christmas), the fourth update has finally come online. During this time, although the development team’s work received some outside interference, but we are still trying to optimize the DamonPS2 emulator.
The fourth update focuses on optimizing the load and save game progress module in the emulator and optimizing the data structure in the emulator.
Early Reveal: next update, we will release the free version directly. Differences between free and paid versions include: inserting ads, supporting number of saved game progress, supporting gamepad, supporting 1080p / 720p rendering (3x ~ 5x PS2 resolution), supporting cheat codes, and exporting saved game process, and many more
By the way:
Hope you can give us Facebook page five-star praise. This is a very large support for the development team.

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