DamonPS2 and the end of PCSX2 controversial

Within 18 hours, DamonPS2 will be shown again on Google Play. Users who have already purchased APP will get free upgrade.

Hopefully, because of the fact that Damon PS2 will return this time, we can end the naive controversy initiated by PCSX2. During this time, PCXS2 development team always said, “DamonPS2 must be open source, otherwise it will xxxx.” How ridiculous it is. Microsoft will because some people suspect that Microsoft may plagiarism Linux code, which led to Microsoft “must” open source? We are the same with Microsoft, are commercial companies. If Microsoft refuses to open source, we will also refuse.

First of all, our copyright has been certified by a sovereign country. Google will be the highest priority to use national legal documents as a criterion. Second, the talk of the PCSX2 development team is so ridiculous because there are no emulator developers in the PCSX2 project.

The few IDs that currently remain on the PCSX2 Forum are low-level network maintainers who do not understand any development techniques. In the future, there will not be an Android version of PCSX2, and there will be no PC versions of PCSX2 with fewer bugs, 64-bit version of PCSX2, or even the next version of PCSX2 (v1.6). The PCSX2 emulator is dying because the developers have all left.

So, whenever someone asks at the PCSX2 forum, “When do you make an Android version of PCSX2,” the PCSX2 development team’s answers are “impossible”, “continue to dream,” or “Android phones are not fast enough “. Why do they answer that? Because technology developers have left this project, people who answer your questions do not understand technology. So we were not particularly surprised when these network maintainers, who did not know the technology of development, accused us of copying their code. why? Can you expect a group of low-level network maintainers who do not know development technology to understand what is source code? They can not understand, just as if you look at the source code of a PCSX2 project, you will find that 98% of the source code has not been modified for many years. Because the PCSX2 project is dead.

Even more ironically, these junior network maintainers from PCSX2 do not even understand the role and identity of the media. They attack the media (such as TechUtopia), think these media help us again. These junior network maintainers of PCSX2 are too naive. They do not know the real business rules at all. The media did not help us, the media coverage hot news, just to help them get more users themselves. Because in this world, “user first” is always right. We agree with this truth.

In short, the program efficiency of DamonPS2 is 3x ~ 5x of PCSX2, which is 10x ~ 30x of Play. We will bring you a faster PS2 emulator in the future.

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