DamonPS2 banned from Google Play

Since DamonPS2’s page description on Google Play violates Google’s specifications, we received a Google mail notification asking us to modify the DamonPS2 Google Play page description. So, at the moment DamonPS2 is not visible on Google Play. We will work with Google’s needs to modify the DamonPS2 Google Play page. After the page description reaches the Google standard, we will release the APP again.

For the emulator app, it’s not uncommon to see the page description foul being removed by Google Play. After all, PPSSPP has also been removed multiple times by Google Play as a page description foul. So now PPSSPP Google page, has found no PSP game name, this is the result of rectification after many removal. Please pay the user patience, please save your order number (GPA beginning number). We will bring you a faster PS2 emulator! And we will bring a free version earlier!

Our slogan is “user first”! !

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