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    Repairing Roller & Table Liner adopts Open Arc Welding technology to increase the service life.
    The processing can significantly save in maintaining cost and much improve the output. Our Repair Services mainly include MPS, NBF, HP, LM and so on…

    Features of welding recondition on roller:
    1. BZT series self-aligning rotators is composed of driven frame and a driving frame.
    2. Automatically adjusting the center distance in order to adapt to the diameter of work pieces.
    3. The structure of this machine is made of section steel and steel plate by fine welding, ensuring its structural strength and stability
    4. Drive Shaft and Bearing shaft have good rigidity, high strength.
    5. Wide range of speed regulation, running smoothly.
    6. protections against over-current, overvoltage, and overload, overheating etc.
    7. Adopting the hand control box can realize the remote operation of the turning roll.
    8. The hand control box can be used together with the welding manipulator and achieves linkage controlling.
    9. Convenient operation and high automatic degree to realize high quality welding and automatic welding for the different tanks.
    10. This product is widely used in wind power, pressure vessel, petrochemical, pipeline, steel structure, boiler, shipbuilding, welding repair industry.

    Our Services:
    1. Installation
    Free installation and commissioning for foreign customers can be provided; board and lodging costs are on the foreign customer.
    2. Personnel training
    Free training for foreign customers, if required, also operation manual will be sent along with the machine.
    3. Warranty
    Warranty period is one year. Provide longtime free technical advisory services and Provide free technology consulting services During warranty period, free maintenance and technical support can be provided. (Except man-made major damages or damages arising from irresistible natural factors).
    Test report:buy Welding Recondition

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