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    Product introduction:
    Fractional co2 laser equipment uses a new integrated dot matrix technology that directly penetrates the lattice energy into the skin, then stimulates the production of collagen. It applies energy in segments and then ensures that the lattice energy is evenly covered, avoiding spot overlap. It can solve the problem of dull and dull skin, dark complexion, pigmentation, sagging skin, fine wrinkles, redness of the face, large pores and other skin problems. It allows the patient to remove wrinkles in the shortest time, smooth the scars, and make the skin reproduce smooth and delicate.
    It uses a high-energy penetrating wavelength 10600nm carbon dioxide laser, combined with fractional laser technology, to convert the laser into a 0.12nm diameter beam. The beam penetrates into the bottom layer of the skin, and the moisture of the surface layer and the dermis absorbs the laser energy, allowing the skin and scar tissue to evaporate rapidly, and stimulating skin tissue and collagen regeneration and reorganization. Since the action area of the microbeam is very small, most of the treatment areas can be recovered in a short period of time, reducing the risk of bacterial infection and avoiding side effects.

    1. Easy to operate, no additional methods are needed after treatment.
    2. Dot matrix laser uses a dot matrix system. Using the laser to ablate the tissue, micropores with a diameter of micrometers can be made on the skin. These micropores can be closed within one day after treatment, and are hard to see with the naked eye. Leakage, bleeding and infection are rare.
    3. The dot laser has strong penetrating power and low trauma, and ensures uniform coverage of the micro-holes of the dots, avoiding the overlap of the spots. Therefore, it is the most suitable laser for comprehensive treatment, so that your skin can quickly restore a smooth image.
    4. During treatment, the laser directly penetrates into a matrix of small white spots. The skin around these small points immediately initiates a lateral repair mechanism, and the epidermis will heal completely within 8 hours.
    5. The operation is simple, the treatment is efficient and safe, and there is no need to rest after surgery, which does not affect the work.
    6. Non-exfoliating treatment, no pain, short time, no adverse reactions, especially suitable for young and middle-aged people.
    Treatment range:
    1. Laser wrinkle: a tightening and lifting the skin. nbspb Improve facial wrinkles (frontal lines, eyebrow lines, perioral wrinkles), eyelids, crow’s feet and other fine lines around the eyes, remove stretch marks.
    2. Laser sputum, acne pits, traumatic scars, surgical scars, burn scars, acne scars and other deep scars.
    3. The skin is slack, the skin falls, the skin becomes thinner, and the pores are thick.
    4. Rosacea, sebaceous gland hyperplasia, border sputum, chloasma.
    5. Pigmentation, actinic cheilitis, hemorrhoids
    6. Large pores, rosacea, benign hyperplasia
    7. Epidermal pigmented lesions (freckles, age spots)
    8. Epidermal growth
    Treatment effect:
    Product parameters:
    Laser typeglass tube laser (4 class)Light guide systemseven joint (Korean selection)
    Laser power:15W (18W, 20W selection)Laser working mode:continuous and ultra pulse
    Output modecontinuous and super pulseFocal spot diameter100um-2000um (determined by zoom lens tube)
    Laser wavelength:10600nmPulse interval:1ms-5000ms (adjustable)
    Pulse width:0.1ms-10ms (adjustable)Pulse energy:0.1mj-180mj (adjustable)
    Point spacing:0.1ms-100ms (adjustable)Aiming light wavelength:635 nm
    Input power:400WAim light power:less than 5MW
    Fixed focus
    Mirror50mm (100mm selection)Scanning modesequence / disorder / medium
    Storage temperature:-10℃ -60℃Refrigeration system:air cooling / water cooling
    Working voltage:AC:220V + 10%, 50Hz;
    110V + 10%,
    50Hz (export-oriented)Spot pattern:single mode
    Operating system:8 inch real color smart touch screenChassis material:ABS engineering environment-friendly insulation medical case
    Logistics quality:33.5kgInsurance specification:Max10A
    Equipment size:700*350*300 (mm)Logistics size:900*630*390 (mm)
    Accessories picture:
    Payment, shipping and delivery
    Payment:bank transfer、T/T
    Delivery: around 7-9working daysFractional Laser Machine suppliers

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