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    Qihui hardwood floor PE protective film protected hardwood floor is not polluted, corroded, scratched in the process of production, processing, transportation, storage and use, so as to protect the original bright surface, thereby improving product quality and market competitiveness.
    Product Specification
    Product Name: Hardwood floor PE protective film
    Usage: Provide a protective barrier to scratch, mark, damage and dirt at the process of transportation and installation.
    Material: PE
    Technology: 3-layers co-extrusion
    Glue: Environmental friendly waterborne acrylic acid
    Color: Transparent, blue, white, black and white, green and so on.
    Printing: No printing or customer pattern printing.
    Thickness: 20-150 microns
    Width: 500~1580 mm
    Length: 200-1000m
    Viscosity: 20-400g/25mm
    1.100% virgin raw material, high transparency.
    2.High temperature resistance in short time, above 300% elongation rate and good elasticity.
    3.Easy to be sticked and peeled off, teared of without residual on the protected surface.
    4.Printing will not remain on the surface when peeling off.
    5.The surface of the protective film is inert and not easy to react with chemicals.

    1. Products should be stored in ventilated and dry warehouse.
    2. Keep away from fire and avoid direct sunlight.
    3. It is recommended that the protective film be removed within three months.
    4.The products not be exposed in the sun or be caught in the rain during transportation.

    1. Choose different protective film adhesive strength according to the different surface smoothness.
    2. Sample test is welcome and free sample can be provided.
    3. Any surface needs to be dry, clean and fully cured.
    4. PE protective film is not liable of any loses or damages caused by the use of this product and recommend proper testing is cared out before application.
    5. PE protective film encourage regular monitoring of all protection products over the life time of use.
    Detailed Images
    The hardwood floor PE protective film is adhesive transparent plastic protection film that can be used on many hard surfaces, such as bench tops, cook tops, timber hardwood floors, tiles, laminate flooring, glass, stone and other hard surfaces.
    It protects against dust, scratches, marks, stains and spills at home or on the job site!
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